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   June  2014
Publishers Note

Dear Reader!

Around IMEX the volume of news has grown to a veritable peak. We did our best to pick those that are – hopefully – most relevant for you.

But – first of all – let me draw your attention to the new download service for the ITE & ITE MICE Show Supplements, previously called dailies. Available exclusively on our website: Or subscribe simply to our daily delivery service and receive the download link by email.

We have reviewed the currently released market research results for you and assembled key findings for you. See the Joint IMEX/SITE study on 'Purchasing Practices for Motivational Travel Programs'; the DCI/IACC Study on Generational Preferences in Europe; the ISES Global Business Survey that reveals strong growth indicators throughout our industry and the released ICCA top-10 Country and City rankings for Association Meetings.

While surfing, we reviewed Liquidspace – a reservation system for small(er) Scale meeting facilities which receives our big WOW!!! We're looking forward to also find Meeting Space outside North America in this smart system.

Star Alliance Conventions Plus has been significantly enhanced, see the details below. Florence, Italy launched their Florence Congress Booking System, check it out!

Our service corner in the right column lists upcoming MICE industry events and an update on new flight connections from North America into Latin America and the Caribbean.

Did we miss anything you judge important? Please let me know, I am looking forward to receiving your feedback.

Best regards

Martina Warter
General Manager & Publisher
Mice Media Marketing
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Hong Kong: ITE & ITE MICE Show Supplement on

Are you attending ITE & ITE MICE taking place in Hong Kong from June 12-15? Tired of carrying so much paper around? Not attending, but want to know what's happening?

We proudly present an easy solution: In collaboration with Carlton Limited, a subsidiary of Mice Marketing Media and the publisher of the Show Supplement for ITE & ITE MICE, an electronic copy will be available for download on our website. In addition, you can join the daily notification service including the download link for the Show Supplement. Please click this link to view and update your information and to subscribe to the list "ITE & ITE MICE 2014 Show Supplement".

You will not only receive the Show Supplement, but you will also have the chance to win! Complete your subscriber profile and be entered to win 3 days in a Junior Suite, breakfast included at the Hard Rock Hotel Bali!

All new subscribers, and existing subscribers with updated profiles, are eligible to take part in the drawing at the end of September 2014! Best of luck and happy Reading!

MICECON 2015, Philippines - Dates to be revealed soon

Shortly ahead of this year's MICECON 2014, 4-7 June 2014 in Clark, Pampanga, Philippines, we had a chance to talk to Ms. Margaret Mitchell, Philippines Tourism Promotions Board, , who promised to reveal to MICE Media Marketing the date and location for MICECON 2015 immediately following the close of MICECON 2014.

If Philippine destinations are important to your clients, be sure to read the July issue of Newsflash!

MICE Media Marketing and Philippines tourism Promotions Board are discussing a preferred partnership for MICECON, and we will of course keep you informed and ensure that you will receive early notice as soon as the hosted buyer program for MICECON 2015 opens for registration.

MCI and Global Initiatives won the IMEX-GMIC Green Meeting Award 2014

MCI and Global Initiatives won the prestigious IMEX-GMIC Green Meeting Award 2014 for the Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development, held in Singapore in November 2013.

MCI and Global Initiatives, thought leaders in responsible business and drivers of innovation in the sustainability industry, worked together alongside leading sustainable event venue Marina Bay Sands to deliver a showcase sustainable event. This was thanks not only to innovative content and high-level participants, but also to the use of creative sustainable event practices.

Held at and supported by leading sustainable venue Marina Bay Sands, the Responsible Business Forum 2013 brought together over 430 business leaders, NGOs and policy-makers from across Southeast Asia to discuss commitments and policy recommendations to increase sustainability across various sectors.

The event delivered a 100% vegetarian and locally-sourced menu, one of the highest waste diversion rates ever disclosed for an event of its scale and the use of meeting room sensors to detect movement and conserve energy. The entire event including delegate travel was carbon neutral thanks to carbon offsetting partner South Pole Carbon.

"The Responsible Business Forum successfully integrated strategic thinking and standards into the way the event was produced," said IMEX Chairman Ray Bloom. "The Forum was commended for its many achievements such as implementing a strong event management system guided by ISO20121 and being the first event to use the new Singapore Sustainability Guidelines for the meetings and events industry." - -

Market Research
Purchasing Practices For Motivational Travel Programs by SITE and the IMEX Group: Relationships Matter

Does prior experience with a supplier influence program decisions? This and related questions were the focus of a second joint research study conducted by the Site International Foundation and IMEX.

The study among industry professionals of more than 16 countries, 40% Users of incentive travel and 60% Providers, asked industry professionals to comment on their experiences in purchasing motivational travel, comparing results to the 2013 study.

Key findings:








Prior experience with a supplier and/or brand relationship significantly influences /influences their decision and provider loyalty continues to have strong influence on supplier selection.




Group Travel is growing in importance. Group Travel leads the list of motivational tools in User's programs (62%) with Recognition (44%) and Training (40%), surpassing Individual Travel (31%) and Family Travel (22%).




Buying Decisions. Higher management and procurement influence buying decisions. The majority of User respondents (59%) said that while a single decision maker did not make incentive travel decisions, primary decision makers were in top management and 60% identified them as authorized to make unilateral decisions about motivational travel. A slightly smaller percentage (52% vs. 55% in 2013) said that procurement departments continue to have a strong influence on buying decisions.




Price. The majority of Providers believe that price is the major factor in bid decisions.




A smaller percentage of suppliers feel that lead time affected the quality of their program submissions for consideration.




Trade Shows are a valuable source for identifying service providers. Both Users (79%) and Providers (81%) said that they attend trade shoes for the opportunity to find new suppliers or meet with existing ones.

The survey was supervised by Scott A. Jeffrey, Ph.D. Monmouth University, and Marion Joppe, Ph.D., University of Gelph. -

DCI & IACC Study: How Generational Preferences Will Transform The European Meetings Marketplace

Development Counsellors International (DCI) and International Association of Conference Centers (IACC), presented the findings of a recent study of meeting planners living and working in Europe, entitled Exploring the Generational Preferences of European Meeting Planners. Conducted in partnership with IMEX Group, the study explored the varying preferences of different generations of meeting planners and how these preferences shape how meeting and conference space is selected.

For the purpose of this study, generations were defined as:

    Mature age 66 +
    Baby Boomer age 47-65
    Generation X age 33-46
    Millennials age 18-30

The study surveyed 101 European meeting planners of various generations who plan meetings in Europe. It evaluated the effectiveness of sales/marketing tactics, the importance of key criteria in meeting location selection and why a destination/venue is often not selected as a meeting location.

Key Findings:

Overall, the generations are united in their prioritization of accessibility/location, appropriate meeting space and value as highly important selection criteria when planning a meeting.

Digital materials are king for selling to Baby Boomers, Generation X and Millennials, but Matures still prefer in-person selling during tradeshow appointments.
Baby Boomers and Matures ranked technology/connectivity via WiFi as the most important factor in selecting a venue. Technology was ranked as more important to these two generations than it was to Millennials who look at cost as their top consideration for selecting a meeting space.
While only 55 per cent of respondents consider the age of conference attendees when selecting a venue, off-site activity options and the "cool factor" of the venue and location are very important factors for programs with Generation X and Millennial attendees. -

ISES Global Business Survey reveals strong growth across all sectors of the events industry

The survey, conducted during March 2014 across all 5,500 ISES members in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australasia, shows the general level of business confidence being very high both in terms of projected Agency and Supplier sales growth and Direct Client Spending on events.

Headline findings from the report are:

18% expect business to remain the same


expect business to grow during 2014/15
Of these


forecast more than 10% growth


forecast more than 25% growth


forecast more than 50% growth

57% expect direct client spend on events to increase in 2014/15
36% expect direct client spend on events in 2014/15 to remain the same

ICCA releases the 2013 top 20 rankings

With the release of the 2013 Top 20 Rankings for countries and cities, ICCA is reporting another year of continued strength in the international association meetings market.

11,685 regularly occurring association events which rotate between at least three countries were identified by ICCA members and ICCA's in-house research team as having taken place during 2013, 535 more than identified a year previously.

We have included the top 10 for both, country and city for you:

Rank 2013 Country # of
Rank 2013 City # of
1 → 1 USA 829       1 2 Paris 204
2 2 Germany 722       2 ↑ 4 Madrid 186
3 3 Spain 562       3 ↓ 1 Vienna 182
4 ↑ 5 France 527       4 ↑ 5 Barcelona 179
5 ↓ 4 United Kingdom 525       5 ↓ 3 Berlin 178
6 6 Italy 447       6 6 Singapore 175
7 ↑ 8 Japan 342       7 ↓ 6 London 166
8 ↑ 10 P.R. of China 340       8 ↑ 9 Istanbul 146
9 ↓ 7 Brazil 315       9 - Lisbon 125
10 ↓ 9 The Netherlands 302       9 - Seoul 125

2013 Top 10 Countries: Some Small Changes

The gap between U.S.A. and Germany has become significantly smaller though; from a difference of 184 meetings in 2012 to 107 in 2013.

2013 Top 10 Cities: Paris New Number One

Vienna, which has been the number one city in the ICCA rankings each year since 2005, has lost its 1st place to Paris. Lisbon and Seoul are both newcomers in the top 10 and share 9th place.

"A Modern History of International Association Meetings 1963-2012"

As part of ICCA's 50 year anniversary a special 50 year edition of its international association meetings Statistics Report "A modern history of international association meetings 1963-2012" has been published in September 2013. This report shows that the number of regularly-occurring, internationally-rotating association meetings is increasing by 100 per cent every 10 years, and has been consistently doing so for the last half century, with no signs of a slowdown. The report is publicly available on

Spotlight on the Africa Travel Week 2014 - Save the 2015 date

ILTM Africa, IBTM Africa and WTM Africa created the impact that the organisers Reed Travel Exhibitions (RTE) in partnership with ReedThebe had planned from the start. Focused on the luxury travel industry, the b2b MICE sector and the leisure side of tourism, each event comprised one-to-one pre-scheduled business appointments, pre-qualified international hosted buyers who had proven business to deliver plus travel industry professionals from across Africa who qualified as trade visitors and decided their own business agenda. It was all put together with a mix of education and knowledge sessions, keynote conferences and a variety of networking and parties that showed Cape Town to the world.

"Support and testimonials of the business our stakeholders achieved have been overwhelming. The team is now well underway with planning Africa Travel Week 2015, which will take place once again at the CTICC. The synergy between the 3 events will give the African and sub-Sahara Africa travel industry an even bigger stage for 2015" said Craig Moyes, Portfolio Director, Africa Travel Week.

The feedback to this first Africa Travel week will be reviewed and considered for the Africa Travel Week 2015 taking place from 13-17th April 2015:

ILTM Africa — 13-15 April 2015
IBTM Africa — 13-15 April 2015
WTM Africa — 15-17 April 2015 -

Liquidspace - Access On-Demand Meeting Space

A big tool for small Meetings – or can it be really that easy? The short answer – yes, if you're located in the United States or Canada…. And yes, this article is short, but what can you say if a system is just so easy….

Liquidspace is a smart website allowing you to find meeting space, offices, desks or training rooms just by choosing the needed location, date, duration and number of persons (up to 50+) and returns with whatever is available. Use the filters to determine the type of space you need and required amenities and receive a list of available facilities matching your requirements – rates included!

Detailed information is available on mouse click and the 'book-it'-button finalizes your reservation. Reservations may be made even the day of the meeting. Cancellations with money-back up to 24 hours before the meeting start.

The only remaining question …. Will this smart system be available for other countries around the globe soon?

Star Alliance Enhances Conventions Plus

Star Alliance has improved its Conventions Plus product for delegates and organisers. Delegates have a wider range of fares to select from, the booking fee for the online tool has been eliminated, organisers benefit from a new support programme and a more simplified contracting scheme has been introduced.

The choice of fares available to delegates at a discount has been extended through the inclusion of more booking classes, with applicable discount levels now ranging between four and 20 percent.

In principle the higher value booking classes attract a larger reduction than the lower ones. For example, the discount off a Business Class fare booked in "C" class will be greater than the one applicable to an Economy Class fare booked in "Q" or "W" class. As the fares can be interlined among the participating Star Alliance member airlines, delegates can choose from more flights when travelling to their selected convention.

Star Alliance has also eliminated the EUR/USD 10 booking fee which had up to now been applied on all Conventions Plus travel booked via the dedicated online booking tool.

With Conventions Plus, Star Alliance became the first airline alliance to introduce a dedicated conventions product, providing simplified travel solutions to major event organisers by providing access to the entire Alliance network through one of the member airlines. Delegates and one companion are entitled to fare discounts, depending on the type of fare, class of travel and airline used. In addition, the Alliance also offers an organiser support programme.

More information about Conventions Plus at:

In This Edition

Left Column

ITE & ITE MICE – show dailies on

MICECON 2015, Philippines - Dates to be revealed soon

MCI and Global Initiatives won the IMEX-GMIC Green Meeting Award 2014

Market Research

Purchasing Practices For Motivational Travel Programs by SITE and the IMEX Group: Relationships Matter
DCI & IACC Study: How Generational Preferences Will Transform The European Meetings Marketplace
ISES Global Business Survey reveals strong growth across all sectors of the events industry
ICCA releases the 2013 top 20 rankings

Spotlight on the Africa Travel Week 2014 - save the 2015 date

Liquidspace - Access On-Demand Meeting Space

Star Alliance Enhances Conventions Plus

Right Column

Spain, Cadiz: 9 days until MITM Euromed

Industry Trade Show and Event Schedule June / July

Sydney Shines, Business Events Sydney's New Branding

Airline Updates to/from Latin America
Air Canada: Toronto - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
United Airlines: Denver - Panama City, Panama
JetBlue: Seasonal Routes from Boston to Liberia, Costa Rica; Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic; Santa Lucia and from Ft. Lauderdale to Cartagena, Colombia and Las Vegas.

Italy: Florence Convention Bureau Launches Florence Congress Booking

Australia: Meeting In Melbourne Made Easy Through Melbourne Convention Bureau's New Website

MICE Industry Trade Shows

Europe, Spain, Cadiz: 9 days until MITM Euromed

The 18th edition of MITM Euromed, Meetings and Incentive Travel Market, will take place June 11th to 13th in Cadiz, Spain, hosting more than 200 participants from 23 countries: Argentina, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Gabon, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Jordan, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, UK and Ukraine.

MITM Euromed is the oldest international interactive MICE fair in all of Europe, pioneer in programming B2B appointments and quality oriented.

MITM Euromed is a two day long face to face forum, run by individual and preestablished appointments, that is open only to pre-registered professionals. On site registrations are not allowed, neither for professional visitors nor public.

Furthermore, to guarantee the direct contact among all the attendees, the fair is complimented with a wonderful networking program and some exclusive post-tours, which give all the hosted buyers and international press the opportunity to get to know Cadiz province in detail, for its commercialization.

For more information, please contact: Gisela Matamoros, Press Affairs Manager, Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

Industry Trade Show and
Event Schedule June - August

APAC, Philippines, Clark, Pampanga:
4-7 June 2014 — MICECON 2014

MICECON consolidates and strengthens all sectors involved in the M.I.C.E. industry by providing an ideal platform for a comprehensive educational program for Philippine M.I.C.E. and tourism practitioners. MICECON, likewise, aims to showcase new developments, establishments and products in the Host City; increase the levels of creativity and professionalism, and further upgrade capabilities of Host City in targeting and handling the M.I.C.E Market.

The 4th Philippine M.I.C.E Conference (MICECON) will open its doors on June 4 with the Pre-Conference Activities introducing the destination Clark followed by the two days of the conference and on June 7 by the B2B M.I.C.E. Mart.

USA, Florida, Orlando:
10-12 June 2014 — AIBTM 2014

The Americas Incentive, Business Travel & Meetings Exhibition (AIBTM) is a leading global exhibition for the U.S. meetings and events industry. AIBTM delivers individually qualified Hosted Buyers and eligible Trade buyers from the U.S. and around the world. Tailored to the U.S. market, AIBTM serves and guarantees the attendance of top-level decision makers. The exhibitions provide time and business efficient matching services for buyers and sellers through unique Hosted Buyer Programs

ASIA, Hong Kong:
12 – 15 June 2014, ITE & ITE MICE 2014

The 28th International Travel Expo Hong Kong & the 9th MICE Travel Expo covering also Asia and mainland China.

With separate promotions and days for trade and public visitors, and co-locating leisure and MICE travel, ITE & ITE MICE covers markets of the regional travel trade; MICE and corporate travel as well as Hong Kong's affluent FIT who can visit over 140 countries and regions visa free.

Latin America, Argentina, Buenos Aires
12-14 August 2014, ExpoEventos

ExpoEventos offers an exclusive and unique exchange between those in the segment of Event Organization and Tourism Meetings, their customers and prospects.

ExpoEventos is considered Argentinas "Must Attend" event of the year by all visitors, as to the best place to obtain all the necessary information on suppliers, and destinations for every type of event.

Latin America, Panama, Panama City
14-18 August 2014, Panama Showcase & Travel Expo

Industry trad show with hosted buyer program for qualified meeting planners. Suppliers from Panama Hotels, DMC's and other support service providers are anxious to showcase their properties and services to promote Panama as the perfect Group Travel Destination.

Sydney Shines, Business Events Sydney's New Branding

Sydney Shines, Business Events Sydney's new branding, is the story of this city that is open to bright ideas: a city that not only welcomes challenge, but thrives on it.

The brand provides a platform to share the many facets of Australia's global city -- to explore Sydney's ingenuity and ability to bring creative concepts to reality, with its bright minds and unique natural environment.

"Sydney is a youthful city, unshackled by centuries of tradition. We have a history of changing the rules and of charting our own path to success. Our city bursts with energy, optimism and potential. There's this sense that anything is possible, that if we put our mind to it we can achieve anything."

"Through a broad research process, these were the attributes that both local and international participants identified as being "authentically" Sydney," said Lyn Lewis-Smith, CEO of Business Events Sydney (BESydney).

"To help us tell this story, a strong group of brand ambassadors from so many walks of life have come together to share their unique perspective on the innovation that stems from the city and State that we love."

"Sydney is evolving at a rapid pace, from Barangaroo, Darling Harbour and the sparkling new International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney), to the University of Technology Sydney, Green Square and more. Now is the right time to showcase our strengths and why the international business community chooses to do business in Australia's global city. It's where people want to be."

Airline Updates to/from Latin America

Air Canada to Launch Year-Round Service between Toronto and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Air Canada announced it will launch a new, non-stop service between Toronto and Rio de Janeiro beginning December 11, 2014. The year-round flights to Brazil's "Marvelous City" will complement Air Canada's existing daily non-stop service to Sao Paulo.

The new service is scheduled for convenient connections to the Air Canada network at the Toronto Pearson hub, including to Tokyo-Haneda, Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. The flights will also be timed to offer convenient onward connections from Galeão - Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport on Air Canada's interline partners.

The service will be provided with a Boeing 767-300ER aircraft with 24 International Business Class with lie flat seats, and 187 Economy seats, complimentary seatback entertainment throughout the aircraft, and in Toronto access to the International Maple Leaf Lounge and concierge services for eligible customers.

United Airlines To Launch New Nonstop Service Between Denver and Panama City

Effective December 3, United Airlines will introduce nonstop flights between its hub at Denver International Airport and Panama City. The new service will operate daily November through August and five times weekly in September and October, offering Denver-area travelers direct access to the Panamanian capital and connections to several additional cities in Central and South America through United's strategic partnership with Copa Airlines.

United will operate the service with Boeing 737-700 aircraft with 118 seats – 12 in United Business and 106 in United Economy, including 40 Economy Plus extra-legroom seats.

Schedule subject to government approval.

JetBlue Launches New Seasonal Routes From Boston To Latin America and The Caribbean and Continues To Expand Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Presence

JetBlue Airways has announced new non-stop services for the winter season commencing on November 1, 2014, operating once weekly on Saturdays.

Daniel Oduber Quirós International Airport in Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR)
Gregorio Luperón International Airport in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic (POP)
Hewanorra International Airport in Saint Lucia (UVF)

The three new destination represents JetBlue's 52nd, 53rd and 54th nonstop routes out of Boston, and JetBlue will offer the only nonstop service between Boston and both Costa Rica and Saint Lucia.

In addition to the three new services above, the company announced two new nonstop routes starting on October 29, 2014 from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport to

Cartagena, Colombia (CTG)
Las Vegas, Nevada (LAS)

The Pittsburgh nonstop service starting the same day has been announced earlier.

Website news

Italy: Florence Convention Bureau Launches Florence Congress Booking

Florence Convention Bureau launched Florence Congress Booking, an innovative online hotel reservation portal dedicated to associations and PCOs that organize conferences and events in Florence. First and unique example in the international scene, Florence Congress Booking allows organizers to manage hotel availability related to their events in Florence and ensure reserved room rates to participants.

Florence Congress Booking was realized by Florence Convention Bureau in response to the associative market trends that see more and more conferences participants booking their accommodation through online travel agencies rather than relying on the association or PCO that organize the conference. These trends cause a series of very negative consequences for associations, participants and hoteliers, including:

Participants book their rooms at not favorable or not specifically negotiated terms for the event;
Hotels receive reservations through online travel agencies and pay up to 30 % commissions;
Associations or PCOs loose a significant portion of earnings, causing a probable increase of the conference registration costs.

Thanks to this portal, associations and PCOs involved in the event organization not only will manage the hotel allotment but they'll also have guaranteed economic returns.

Visit the new website:
See more information on

Australia: Meeting In Melbourne Made Easy Through Melbourne Convention Bureau's New Website

The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) has launched its new website which offers comprehensive event planning tools and destination information to make planning a meeting, conference or incentive trip in Melbourne effortless.

The new website is built on a responsive platform so it can be easily viewed across desktops, tablets and smart phones and the navigation menu ensures all of the information and rich media - such as downloadable brochures, videos and maps - are accessible with just a click.

Karen Bolinger, MCB's Chief Executive Officer said that the new website is part of MCB's digital strategy to provide more engaging and interactive connections with associations and conference, incentive and meeting planners, no matter where they are in the world.

Key features include three search modules sortable across accommodation and venue capacity, event service type, tours and activities; pinned 'Request a Proposal' and 'Compare' buttons; and Google map integration to see hotels, restaurants, and attractions close to preferred venues or accommodation.

It also contains a 'Planning Toolkit' to assist with promotion and delegate boosting for an event; access to the digitally-integrated Melbourne Planners' Guide; and information and insider tips about visiting the city and greater Victoria.

MCB's new website can be accessed via the existing address