Donnerstag, 23 Mai 2019
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Poken integrates iBeacon and NFC with new 'Super' and 'Real-Time' Touch Points

Poken 'the Green Event Platform' announced the launch of two new functionalities to its event technology. Designed to enable event organisers to offer visitors a wider choice of options for collecting digital content, Poken's new Super and Real-Time Touch Points use both NFC and iBeacon technologies. 

The Super Touch Point is a digital sticker than enables event attendees to collect digital information, such as company and sales literature, social media links, or video, by simply touching their event badge to the Touch Point. The digital information contained in the Touch Point, loaded up by the exhibitor using a simple web interface, is sent automatically to the visitors' email or can be accessed through an online web portal.

Poken's new Real-Time Touch Point shares all the features of the Super Touch Point, while also allowing information to be gathered and collected in real time using an embedded GSM module, ideal for events that need up to the minute data collection such as for real-time session check-in or tracking attendance at meetings in real time. 

Poken's CEO Stéphane Doutriaux says: "Our new Super and Real-Time Touch Points open up a wealth of new options to enhance the visitor experience and enable event organisers to simplify paperless content collection. With iBeacon technology increasingly in demand, we are delighted to be able to integrate this feature into the Poken event platform and open up more options for event organisers to connect visitors with exhibitors." 

The benefits of this new technology are expected to have the greatest impact on large scale events and congresses. Poken's range of products and its paperless-event services platform allow events, tradeshows and congresses of any size to take full advantage of the ease and efficiency of digital content collection.